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Welcome to read and know (in their original language) positive solutions to the challenges of our times. With this section, we want to encourage solutions going beyond a donation.


Extreme sports finding their way

The International Festival of Extreme Sports will be held in a unique way keeping athletes and spectators together. Categories will include BMX, Skateboard and Scooter. Check, register, join and win even a prize:)

Making movies during COVID

In Colombia, Director Harold Trompetero wrote and filmed a movie with unconventional ways during quarantine. A pure example of a mind able to adapt.

Agriculture industry adapting to changes

Get an approach to farming rethinking its activities thanks to our current times.

Learning thru Radio

For decades, the world used Radio for distance education, it is very well implemented still in many countries and in Colombia, Batuta foundation decided to use radio as one of their tools to keep teaching music. Click the image to read the complete report (Spanish).

Faces masks shortage control

In Taiwan, since the beginning of the outbreak face masks distribution has been key to protect the population. Click the image to watch the video in English.

Restaurant outside dinning but indoors

In Amsterdam, a restaurant quickly developed a solution to continue offering services, first tried with their staff and their families. Click the image to watch the report.

If you know any positive, constructive story in your area, please let us know and share the intro.